FS: Tablet iPad Pro M1 256gb Wifi Cellular


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Sep 6, 2021
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Android tablet
UK imported with Bill but no box
Case included and Paperlike screen protector installed.
Cable and charger.
Clean, no scratches.


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Very very very tempted. Torn between this and an M2. Cellular too! Which tablet are you upgrading to? S8 Ultra?
S8 plus.
I feel i need a android tablet especially all the bells and whistles of One UI.
It works for my use cases i believe.
If upcoming oneplus pad was a cellular means i would have preferred it due to its ipadish display size.
I love the S7+. Waiting to get a good deal on the S8 ultra. The S6 (full cream) is my daily driver. Been in love with it since day 1. Love one UI. Haven't used anything apart from Note or tablet with pen ever since the OG Note.

Absolutely nothing beats the pen implementation of Samsung and the features of OneUI (even since 4). The fact that you can make calls in a pinch is a bonus.

For me, iPad is a backup and a palate cleanser. I keep one just to remind myself of the Sammy goodness.