iPhone 16GB + XBox 360 + Sony MS + iPhone 3G 8GB

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iPhone 2G 16GB - SOLD to astrono_me
This iPhone is in brilliant condition and works very well. It has been covered with an Invisible Shield since I bought it. Comes with all original accessories






Xbox 360 - SOLD to auto
The Xbox 360 is literally new and even comes with 3 day testing warranty. Barely used it, and was lying sealed pack for a year coz of my bro's 12th and what not.
It is modded and plays "backups" perfectly. Infact I can even throw in some "backups" if wanted. Best part is I modded it myself and kept the warranty sticker INTACT!!!!
Comes with
-XBox 360

-Power Cable/Brick

-AV Cable


-Wired Controller

-"Backups" if required


-Maybe even manuals (If I find them)

Sandisk MS Pro Duo 4GB - Original - SOLD to bikey

Works awesome. Tested genuine, coz in MS information it says MagicGate supported.

iPhone 3G 8GB - SOLD to Andrew
Good condition iPhone. Comes with




hold the iphone 3G for me.... however kindly elaborate more on the good condition and post some high-res pics....
Sorry both iPhones sold to andrew327. That was quick!!!!! He called me before you naveen... Sorry yaar. Kya boluun.
Nitant, are you selling it to him or me ? Around 11:30PM (via phone) you were sending bank details to me for the purchase of iPhone.

Please confirm .

buddy please update the status of the products on your thread & atleast post the pics of iPhone 3G as per TE rules!!
UPDATE: Raghav has backed out of iPhone deal. 2G is pukka available. 3G on hold for Andrew ATM.

Uploaded pics for 3G. Lemme know if you interested.
^ i will take the 3G if it is in very good condition cosmetically, perfect condition functionally and with all accessories.

please keep it from me if Andrew backs out.
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