iPhone 2G 16GB * Price dropped *

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*Just got back my iPhone 2G 16GB from repair . The LCD , complete housing and battery has been replaced.

*The phone looks pretty much like a new one .(see snaps)The volume button and home button are a little hard to press but work very well.Rest everything works perfectly .

*Phone is on 0S 3.1.3 unlocked and jailbreaked. Have about ~150-200 apps/ games which I can give away on a DVD if buyer wishes.

Expected price : 12k local for buyers. Shipping extra .:)

Reason for Sale : Might be going for a 3GS /Android .

I hope you won't lowball , if you still feel like please PM me.Might consider the price or might not. If its too low ,I would rather keep the phone after Ive spent ~7.5k on it. I would prefer to deal with local buyers to avoid any issues after the sale.

Pictures :

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Bump !! Might consider sensible offers / negotiations via PM only :).
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^ 9pea Marketing -Ghatkopar- Mumbai. Very professional guys and highly recommend for iPhone repairs. Came to know about them on TE itself.

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Also price dropped to 13K. Anything lower than this , It would be better for me to use it myself and upgrade after another 8-10 months. ;).
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^^ 9pea is best shop in Ghatkopar for Mobile phones.

I have purchased all my mobiles from 9pea.

Faheem u got 9pea reference from IGO?
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^ Dont temember exactly but I think it was Nitant who referred me .
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Bump ! Genuinely interested buyers can PM me for any queries / doubts.

Faheem, have it listed on ebay. I hope you have already done that. Should sell faster.
Bump . .Price drop to 11.5k . Phone's got a few random scratches at the back as Ive been using it since last few days.
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