Iphone 2G 8gb for 12k

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Hi all,

Selling My Iphone 2G 8gb bought from http://www.techenclave.com/members-market/fs-1st-gen-8gb-apple-iphone-134594.html
Dint have pleasant deal with the guy i bought from....:mad:

This phone has scratches on back like any other phone.No scratches on the screen. Hardly used this phone as i got used to my n82.
Its more then a year old

I bought locked phone and unlocked to 1.1.4. But I couldn't update to 2.2.1 n above.SO decided to stick to 1.1.4 FW.

Items in the Package
  • iPhone 2G (8GB)
  • iPhone Headphone.
  • Original Data Cable.
  • Original Charger.

would prefer a Bangalore buyer who can personally inspect the phone and buy it.

Terms and conditions
1. My phone My price.I don't give a damn , if you are getting it cheaper anywhere.
2. Thread crappers and lowballers stay away.If you still wanna give it a try , we can have a session offline.:eek:hyeah:
3. First priority to Bangalore buyer.
4. 1 day testing warranty.
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