FS: Mobile Iphone 4 32GB

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  • Product Name: Iphone 4 32 gb (Factory Unlocked)
  • Expected Price: Rs 21000
  • Shipping charges-N/A. Only for Mumbai Buyers.
  • Manufacturer page URL:
  • Description if any: Selling this phone on behalf of my friend who is in need of money. Piece is in Mint condition. Has all accessories but no box..
  • Reason for Sale:Need urgent Money
  • Product condition: 9.5 of 10
  • Purchase Date: 6 Months old.
  • Remaining Warranty period: No Warranty
  • Warranty available in: N/A
  • Invoice Available: N/A

Enter these basic information about yourself

  • Shipping from: Name of city-Mumbai
  • Shipping to: Mumbai Buyers only.
  • Preferred courier:N/A
  • Payment options: Cash bank transfer

Mumbai buyers can meet him friend personally and check the piece.

SOLD to MetalSpree...

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dude, delete his contact no.
you already did the same mistake in past.

and please post is it FU or not.
Dude, click pictures with phone turned on. Also specify which iOS version it has and what is the baseband version number.
Pratik, I am next in case Metalspree backs out...

Oops...Just realized, Can you ship this phone to Chennai. of course for I am ready to take the shipping cost. Can transfer cash immediately...
The Phone has been picked up from Pratik's friend directly with a little bit of drama.

Since the phone number was posted in the forum some one here contacted Pratik's friend and said he will pick it up , but little did i and Pratik know that this was happening when i sealed the deal already and was making arrangements for it to be pickuped by Fah33m.

PS: Please do not post phone numbers in public , the next time is see a number in public i will make sure it is being subscribed to all possible tele marketing services in India.
@Metalspree - a word of acknowledgement would go a long way considering I pointed you to this deal and you ended up saving up a few bucks. :)
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