Iphone Extras (everything rs.250 or less)

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Some things for Iphone 4. i guess it fit and work on other iphones too. the pens will work on any touch screen device. the skins are for iphone 4.

shipping anything is Rs. 50 extra only.

Carbon Fibre Iphone 4 Skin - Rs.200 (Front and back and sides included)

Mirror front and back screen protector - Rs.200

Touch Screen Stylus - Rs. 200 (works on all touch screen devices)

JT_daniel said:
I'm guessing these don't fit the Ipod touch 4 right?
What won't fit the touch. It will fit I guess since dimensions are same. What do u want ezactly

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JT_daniel said:
The Basic Iphone Cover, mate- Will it fit?

i guess it will fit size wise but the thickness there might be a minor gap since the new touch is so damn think. dimension wise no problems

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sample of mirror screen protector on my phone :)

sorry to crap this thread, but aren't you quoting too much for something bought at a very less price??

that item code 2154063(Visible in your pic) is if I'm not wrong bought from Dealextreme.com, I'm damn sure about that coz I had ordered the same skin for Rs.96 incl shipping and if I'm not wrong, bulk rate gets it down to even Rs.65.

Stylish Case Skin Cover Stickers for iPhone 4 - Black - Free Shipping - DealExtreme

Touch Screen Stylus for iPhone (Purple) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme

Don't get me wrong, but selling the same stuff at thrice the price here is not good bro, sell it reasonably.
bumppp come on people

@ sriharsha as i said open to offers mate, the pen is not from dx the skin is. not like im hiding anything. ordered 2 selling one using one. btw bulk orders u have to pay their dumb tracing code so 65 bucks each not a chance.

Yeah, forgot about the tracking part, but it's hardly 1.70$ for the entire order right.

Anyways bumping up from my side ;)
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