ipod , iphone and black berry etc..

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hi mate

Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Google easy for u

Expected Price: iphone (only screen no cover and battery) sold, ipod 30 gb 3.5k, ipod touch 4k, ipod nano 1.3k and blackberry curve sold

Time of Purchase: dont remember around 2009 -2010

Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No

Reason for Sale: friend need some money very urgent for some reason

Purchase Invoice Available: No

Product Condition: ipod touch 8 GB version come with 3-7 hour battery,

ipod nano 4 GB version come with black spot screen on the lcd cover as cleary show pic , and

iphone 2 g has physician damage the front lcd cover is crack and short back cover is missing on the back but i test it is working as below photos, and

iphone dont know the model it does not have battery and cover so it is working condition but will give 3-5 day test warranty

blackberry no issue all working perfect condition no issue

Accessories Included: blackberry with charge only and iphone and another apple product no usb cable that the local shop will cost 100 buck ;)

Product Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu

Preferred Courier: Paftex or any choice

Shipping Charges: 150-600 buck depend on which part u want

Payment Options: Cash, Bank transfer,

i have another ipod 30 gb with full working condition so see the photos below that 2 ipod 30 gb on the left come less bright screen and another normal bright screen but full working condtion no issue

and iphone 2 g has physician damage the front lcd cover is crack and short back cover is missing on the back but i test it is working as below photos

and the BlackBerry Curve 8320 which it is full working condition no issue that i have test it :)


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By arunpethachi at 2011-06-02

for any question so pls feel to pm me and ask anything else and the now it has been clearly stuff :) after re-ready new thread for phone stuff


bump it up both iPhone sold . even ipod 30 gb too

and the rest remained blackberry and ipod touch 8 gb also nano 4 gb too also ipod 30 gb another one ;)
bump it up so need to sell it fast urgent last 2 day or else wait 1 week that i am going to my native place
bump it up so will collect ipod 30 gb, ipod touch and ipod nano and few stuff to my native place before ship it soon at fix deal
bump it up all the some of rest of sold and

only Apple ipod remained nano classic and touch :)
Am interested in the iPod nano:

- What is the battery back up?
- Is the click wheel working fine?
- How is the back of the iPod, fairly scratch free, some scratches or lot of scratches?
- Final price that I would need to transfer to your account, should the interest turn in to intent to buy :p

Let me know through the pm/reply here route! :)
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