Ipod Shuffle 1 GB (Any Generation)

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A friend of mine is looking to purchase an ipod shuffle 1GB, any gen would do.
Looking for a cheap option.
His basic need is listening to good quality music, and prefers the portable version of the ipod. (So specifically looking for a shuffle)

PM me your offers.

Hello Bro

One of my friend wants to sell his iPod Shuffle 2GB in blue color which he bought it in Jan 2011. If your friend is interested then let me know so that i can ask my friend for how much he wanna sell it.

Rs.1000 for 1 GB Shuffle (Silver)

I hate ipods , i have samsung ypu3. U can c the condition and guess urself how much has it been used. Its been lying wid me for about 1 yr, not even used for more den 1 hr and the condition proves dat. But i dont have ipod wire. only have the ipod, plastic box and all the paper that comes wid it , wid its bill i guess.
Deal done with paddydevil &time2shop... (eventually purchased 2 ipods, required one :)

received the ipod in great condition.

Itrust submitted

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