K750i W810i 2gbSandiskMProDuo Plantronics Voyager 520 X2 3600+ AM2

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All the prices mentioned are incl. shipping.

K750i no display[LCD okay] :bleh:- Rs.1500/- w/original box + components
The Display connector socket on the board is loose and so its not showing any display, rest everything is okay. Dual LED's have been removed due to their battery drain.

It has a few scratches on its glass screen, back side may be a bit loose for someone's taste but it's okay.
It comes with the following accessories :

Default Handsfree HPM-62 + 64mb Sony MSPro Duo + MS Pro Duo Adapter+ Sony USB Cable + Charger + Box

W810i [Kaput LCD] :no:- Rs.1800/- w/original box + spare body[bad condition]
It has a few scratches on its glass screen, two small dent on left of keypad.
It comes with the following accessories :

Original Headphone's/HandsFree HPM-60 + Portable Speakers[good condition pics available if interested] :hap2:+ 512mb Sony MSPro Duo + MS Pro Duo Adapter + Sony USB Cable + Charger + Box

2gb Original Sandisk MSProDuo Rs.400/- Date of Purchase 18th April 2008 1 yrs wrrty. still remaining:hap2:

Nokia Stuff :
Original almost new BP-6M Battery - Rs.350/-
512mb Nokia MS-Card Rs.100/-

Nokia DT-21 :hap2:portable Speakers[3.5'' extension cable+ mini Usb Cable] Nokia AD-40 3.5'' audio Adapter FREE w/DT - 21 Rs.350/-
Nokia Connectivity Adapter Cable CA - 70 Rs.120/-

Plantronics Voyager 520 Noise Cancellation (Used just for 2-3 times to test range and Battery life) - Rs.1300/- bought for 1800 from KMD's go this March.

Bought it for my dad and he didn't use it at all. So it's up for sale here again. Really good voice quality + no disturbance + good noise reduction

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ Socket AM2 w/original HSF Rs.1300/-

1gb Paired 512X2 DDR2 533Mhz DIMM 4-4-4 Transcend (jetram) Ram For sale. 2yrs Warranty remaining. Rs.650-/-

PM me those interested. Bargainers kindly PM me and don't spoil the thread.
I've an iPhone 2g that I want to sell, sadly I have its pics without TE user ID so cannot post. Its in a really good condition and comes with all original accessories + free Motorolla55S(I think) BT w/car charger. Those interested can PM me for pics. I'm thinking of selling it for Rs.14500.
harshkhorwal said:

im intersted in the amd processor ,but u didnt mentioned the purchase date ( warranty left ). pls do mention.

I think one or two month warranty's left on the processor. I'll search for the bill and tell you ASAP.

Sorry for the BIG typing mistake earlier its a 1.5 yrs old unlocked iPhone 2g 8gb that too in a very nice condition w/box + accessories. Selling it out of compulsion :no: to buy a Blackberry Bold.
W810i on hold for kamesh3117.

2gb Sandisk ms pro duo on hold for tallyme next in que 47Shailesh and abishek22.

Nokia Dt-21, Connectivity Cable CA-70, 1gb Ram on hold for m.khurana.

AMD X2 3600+ on Hod for Shekhar.


for Plantronics Voyager 520 w/ Noise Cancellation - Rs.1300/-; K750i - Rs.1500/-; Original almost new BP-6M Battery - Rs.350/-; 512mb Nokia MS-Card Rs.100/-
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