Kaspersky 1 User License from 3 User Pack

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Hi Guys,

I have a spare License of 3 User Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. I am using 1 myself, 2nd one is with a friend and the 3rd one is what I am willing to sell.

Interested people can PM me and finalize the Deal.

Price: SOLD

How is shipping: No Shipping guys!! Payme and once confirmed I will PM you the key rightaway!!..



To the buyer: Please never use this key for more than 1 installation at a same time.. Else you will make Ass of you and me by BLACKLISTING the key. Please use sensibly.

PS: Mods please let me know if I am doing any mistake in this thread!! I will upload the picts in an hour. :)S)
Putup a screenshot of validity dates (after hiding necessary details) so that the buyer can see how much validity is left..
would the validity be from the day the first key installation has been done? or would the separate key that you are selling have its own 365 days of validity?
Not open for further replies.