Kindle 3 WiFi+3G with New York Times (Verso) cover [in warranty]

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Ladies, gentlemen, and the inbetweeners,

I have a Kindle 3 WiFi+3G with the NY Times Verso cover for sale. Grab it while you can.

Purchase date - 10/05/2011 [DD/MM/YYYY]

Item description - Google it, damn it! It's the World-famous Kindle 3 WiFi+3G edition, now rechristened Kindle Keyboard.

The following items have been shipped to you by


Qty Item Price Shipped Subtotal

-------------------------------------------------------------------- items (Sold by Amazon Export Sales, Inc.) :

1 Kindle 3G Wireless Reading... $189.00 1 $189.00

1 New York Times Kindle Cove... $49.99 1 $49.99

Shipped via DHL International

Tracking number: <snipped>


Item Subtotal: $238.99

Shipping and handling: $26.97

Import Fees Deposit: $76.62

Total: $342.58

Paid by Visa: $342.58


Obviously an expensive slaaaaaaag! Lowballers will end up without any.

Item condition - Pristine. 9.5/10, and so is the cover. I handle my gadgets like I handle my women (in public).

In warranty - Yes

Reason for sale - Lying unused; too many gadgets.

Price - 8500/- [Delhi/NCR]; shipping charges extra (at your own risk).

Included - The USB data/charging cable it came with. What more could you possibly want? On second thought, I'll include 1x Trojan Supra Ultrathin in national interest. Unused, I promise.

Notes - Not the ad-supported edition.

And now it's showtime.

Pictures - entire album SFW



Price temporarily reduced to 7800/-.

Special offer for Delhi/NCR bookworms; valid till 3PM, 12th of January' 2012. A beer free!

Reason: By tomorrow evening I'll of out of station for a couple of weeks, and I cannot carry a laptop, a tablet and an e-reader with me wherever I go.

Kindle will still be available for sale in case no one turns up by the deadline tomorrow, but it will ship from where I'll be at the moment. Original box included.
This is the best deal ever.. I have a Kindle Wifi so I can tell that. Whoever is into serious fiction reading would be stupid to let this deal pass. I will enquire within my friend circle and see if any of my friends or workmates are interested.
"Item description - Google it, damn it! It's the World-famous Kindle 3 WiFi+3G edition, now rechristened Kindle Keyboard."

I guess not that famous.. after all

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Still available? *fingers crossed*

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Sorry, product sold to an esteemed member of this forum.

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