Budget 31-40k Laptop for daily use


Budget can go upto 45k depending...
I want a laptop where I will regularly be browsing, using MS office and sometimes Netflix and chill on a daily basis. I do not want any heating issues and the laptop should not slow down overtime.

(Touch screen preferred, but not necessary.)

PS : How is Infinix X1 Slim series i5 10th gen XL21?

I used to be alot into tech, but it's been years now so I have no idea about the current market. Please help this old school member :D
If you're still looking for a laptop, I second this. I have a laptop in the similar series (hp 14s fq1089au). I must say for the price it has been pretty good. While I'm sure the features are highlighted everywhere I will mention some of the 'Drawbacks' that I have faced with this that might be helpful.
1. The fan exit placement is a bad design choice. It is between the hinge of the laptop, which makes one fear that when the laptop heats & the fans start to thrust out hot air, It could very likely damage the screen. (continuous exposure)
2. Battery drains within a week (I'm being generous) when in Sleep/Hibernate mode with the lid closed. This may not seem like much but when I switched from my older laptop, The difference was big enough for me to contact HP support & have them solve the issue. Unfortunately, there was no issue and this is just how things are. Could maybe be better with setting tweaks but I feel there shouldn't be a need to tweak settings in the first place.
3. In the price range of about 40k (new), This was one of the very very few laptops that had backlit keyboard. However if you've used a MacBook the backlit is not 0-100 adjustable, Rather it has a total of 3 modes (Bright, Normal, Off). This was a slight bummer as I feel they could have worked on the software x hardware just to have that 100% functionality. However this is more of a personal inconvenience.
And lastly, going through some of the usual FAQs, Battery lasts about 3-4 hrs while netflix & chilling (which should be more than sufficient ;) ), 8GB ram had me concerned but never really face an issue.
Hope this helps!
Link does not open for me . Is it broken? Tried in chrome and edge
It is opening fine.

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