FS: Laptop Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 5800H, 3060, Dolby Vision Screen, 16GB 1TB, mint condition, 100% battery, in warranty till August 2025.

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Aug 6, 2021
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Till August 2025
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Switched to desktop

Selling My Lenovo Legion 5 Pro AMD Ryzen 7 5800H, RTX 3060 130W TGP, 16GB RAM, 1TB NvME SSD, 16" 16x10 aspect ratio IPS QHD (2560x1600) 165Hz Dolby Vision HDR Screen with 500 nits brightness. 100% sRGB coverage, Mux switch for maximum performance. Fully programmable RGB keyboard which has never been used (read below)

This is one of the best chassis ever made that year and is universally praised as one of the best laptops of its generation beating out many much more expensive options.
Please do not compare it with other cheaper options with similar specs as this chassis and screen are in completely different league along with this machine's ability to cool everything and actually supply that GPU with 130W power.

This laptop was exclusively bought to be used as a home workstation machine. It has been used connected to an external monitor, keyboard and mouse. So the laptop screen, trackpad, keyboard has zero use and wear which you can see in the pics. Laptop hasn't been put through regular charging cycles. It has always been connected to its 300W charging brick. Fast charging was disabled in Lenovo Vantage and Battery protection mode specifically designed to prevent battery wear in usage scenarios like mine was turned on which keeps the battery at around 60%. You can see it has just 12 charging cycles so far. Battery Wear 0% and full charging capacity still in excess of the design capacity. Laptop is in absolute mint condition. Kept clean, not allowed to gather dust. Lenovo On-Site warranty is valid till 25 August 2025.

Service History: Laptop display went unresponsive and was replaced by Lenovo in March 2024. Details attached.

Laptop specs, warranty confirmation, laptop battery wear, Lenovo vantage screenshots are all attached. Originally pre-ordered from Amazon. Original invoice and warranty slip will be provided to the buyer. I bought from a well-known member (@Shripad) here in September 2023.

Comes with Original 300W charger and I still have original packaging in which it shipped. Local deal always preferred as buyer can come to check and pickup laptop personally. I will ship using DTDC at buyer's risk and at actual shipping cost via DTDC insured shipping.

If you have any questions, PM me. I will try to answer promptly. Please do not lowball.


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I have deleted the Laptop service report since it contained personal information. Kindly mask them and reupload.
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