FS: Mobile LG G3 32 GB

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This a golden colour Verizon LG G3 32GB. Single SIM version.

Basically a CDMA phone but GSM is unlocked. Both CDMA and GSM can be used in India without any unlocking.

Phone is 4 out of 5 condition. There is a small crack near the bottom microphone hole.

Other than that the phone is in mint condition. Screen is 10/10. No scratches. What you see in the picture is dust particle.

Phone is working absolutely flawlessly. Running a Custom ROM (Skydragon LP)> Can be restored to stock 4.4 if required. 4G doesn't work in India.

Comes with original charger, cable, a new screenguard and the original box.

No invoice available. Was purchased from USA on May 2015.

Delhi buyers preferable. However can also ship.
IMG_20160105_204039608.jpg IMG_20160105_204131241.jpg IMG_20160105_204214118.jpg IMG_20160105_204233284.jpg IMG_20160105_204240552.jpg IMG_20160105_204258226.jpg IMG_20160105_204311843.jpg IMG_20160105_205105619.jpg IMG_20160105_205155825.jpg IMG_20160105_205255914.jpg IMG_20160105_205405586.jpg
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