Lian Li/Lancool Dragonlord K62 Case

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Selling my Lian Li K62, this is the windowed model and comes with 2 BLUE LED 140mm fans top, one non led 120mm rear and one 140mm front led case a total of 4 case fans. The case can accommodate 4 fans and all are preinstalled. Apart from this the case comes with complete toolless deign, with special mounting hardware for smps and easy to use harddisk racks and 5"1/4 drives.

The case is mostly steel with few plastic parts and has very efficient cooling. It can even accommodate the tallest cooler. I am using Prolimatech Megahalems which is 160mm thus CPU cooler installation is no issue either.

Slight Scratches only in the back case . Brought the case in 2009 Dec from Phoenix first Lian Li Group Order

Addition wire routing kit will be bundled along with the pre installed.
Price : 3900 + Shipping

Shipping - AIR : - N/A -> Judging from the weight it will not be less than 500.

Reason : - Upgraded to Antec DF85.

Warranty : N/A . Its over 2 years and I don't think the case has any warranty or even needed.

Invoice : N/A right now, have to search.

Place :- Chandigarh

Model PC-K62

Case Type Advance Mid Tower

Dimensions 214mm x 496mm x 498 mm (W, H, D)

Front bezel Material Plastic

Color Black

Side Panel SECC Steel

Body Material SECC Steel

Net Weight 9.55KG

5.25" drive bay (External) 5

3.5" drive bay (External) None

HDD bay 4

Expansion Slot 8

Motherboard ATX / M-ATX

System Fan (Front) 140mm Blue LED Fan x 1

System Fan (Top) 140mm Blue LED Fan x 2

System Fan (Rear) 120mm Fan x 1

I/O Ports USB 2.0 x 2 / HD+AC97 Audio

2.5" drive bay (Internal) 4

Maximum Compatibility VGA Card length:: 440mm

PSU length: 240mm

CPU Cooler height: : 160mm

Package Dimensions mm(W)x mm(H)x mm(D)

Gross Weight KG

P.s - Local buyer will be given preference. No wait for anyone , please go through the links and video before asking the questions regarding the case.

Product Home Page : LanCool Website
Buyer got the cabinet and satisfied

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