Budget 21-30k Lightweight, small laptop suggestion

I need to purchase a laptop which should not be heavy (less than 1.5 kg under any circumstances, lighter the better), and should not have a large display (not more than 14 inches, preferably 12 inches).

I checked a few models myself and fixed on the following model: https://www.flipkart.com/asus-vivob...-ek103ws-thin-light-laptop/p/itm2c4826e11b915

However, after a bit more searching I realised that the CPU (Pentium Silver) on the above model is inferior to a i3 10th gen despite having two additional cores. So I'm now confused.

My usage is basic, loads of browsing, PDF editing and so on, but from time to time I may have to do a bit of video editing in Handbrake, light ones. SSD, good keyboard are must, goes without saying, and whatever CPU is needed to handle the abovementioned usage. I am open to used laptops.

Note: I don't have any clue about laptops as I don't use them, don't like them. But I'm presently under a critical situation due to medical emergency of the worst kind, and I am out state. The laptop will be used primarily for this purpose. So kindly suggest one accordingly.
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I'm assuming you cannot look at used markets because of your emergency?

If that's the case, most new laptops under 30k will offer similar performance on Windows 10.

That said, the single best thing you could do to improve performance would be to install a lightweight Linux distro. I use Linux on an old Lenevo IdeaPad (6th gen i3, 4gb RAM, and an HDD) and it works well enough for me to do general productivity tasks.

Hope this helps
Used markets locally? Nope. I barely get time to sleep, besides I'm in a different city. I did look at the Classified section of this very forum and there's no laptop being sold at present, except a Macbook and some other.

In 30k range, which brand to look for then? I won't be doing the Linux thing btw.
Stretch your budget and get this instead.

Stretch your budget and get this instead.

Could this work as an alternative? It is much lighter.

there are plenty of horror stories related to MSI after sales
there are good stories too, MSI is huge.

saurav, for the stated needs any recent i3 would do, the only speed breaker can be the Handbrake (pun intended). You may need a color-accurate display which is impossible in that budget. Think how imp is that for your needs. If "yes" then only 2nd-hand/used laptops will be under that budget.

Another option, if the duration is "short", consider getting an OLED Asus laptop (Asus has loads of those), you don't have to worry about that burn-in risk.