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Jan 20, 2016
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Not using it, upgraded to another keyboard.

Am putting up my Logitech K480 keyboard for sale. I used to use it very sparingly for some word processing with my old Xiaomi MiPad and with a Tegra Note 7 before (RIP- you won't be missed).

This thing has a slot for holding a tablet at a convenient angle while typing. The largest tablet I've used is an 10.1 inch iPad air and it fits fine. I think the older 11 iPad Pro (with the touch ID) also fits. Also has multi device and OS capability (supports windows, Mac, Android and iOS). Great for multi-tasking and light typing. Runs off a pair of AAA batteries and lasts really, really long (the first pair of batteries I had lasted for 2 or 3 years with my light usage).

Condition is 4 out of 5. I have maintained this extremely well. Docked a point for the age. I have never kept this out in the open and used to keep it back in its original packing after use after removing the batteries. There is no dust, wear and tear or shining of the keycaps. The only area of aging seems to be the crumbling of the foam cushion inside the battery cover.

The reason that I'm selling this is because no matter how I tried, I couldn't get used to this reduced size keyboard layout. Upgraded to a TKL mech keyboard thanks to this community and am really happy with it. I don't see any use for this in the near future for me. Hope this helps out someone else.

What's included:
- Original box
- 1x Logitech K480 keyboard
- 2x Duracell AAA batteries

Local pickup is preferred since I'm selling from Bangalore. Would be shipping this at buyer's risk.


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