Looking For A Psp

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why don't u get one from abroad..considering a new one retails for around that price..or goto the Grey marketand get a new one for 8k
Hmm was looking for a fast buy..will keep this open for a 3-4days and then i will buy online from TodPhod.com
Quad Master said:
Alfa Rates Mumbai

OLD Version - 7.5K [Not 2nd hand the older version PSP]
New Slim Version - 8.5K

Is the slim version out?? I heard its got a inbuilt memory card of 2 Gb??? that correct?
The New n old r pretty much the same the slim boots 4-8sec faster and is lighter and thiner.

Thanks Quad Master will get someone to pick it up from Bombay.

Was also wondering wat do i do if i have to fix it? worst case scenario .
^if ur from bangalore u can contact the mod from yourpsp.in(promod)..he's from bangalore too..he can help you out with ur repairs and modding needs...
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