Loot on weekends !


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Hi fellas below are the Extreme good pricing for the Stuffs we are planning to deal this weekend.

Something you all wanted ,some thing we have ready stock

Product | Price

LG GH22NS30 DVD writer | 890 Gigabyte GM 6800 gaming mouse | 675 Intel DH55HC Motherboard | 4750 Corsair value select 2gb DDR3 1333Mhz | 2800 Corsair Value Select 2gb DDR2 800 mhz | 2350 Supercom 600VA UPS | 1000 Coolermaster FPS Tatics Gaming mouse pad | 550

Kingston Pen Drive 4gb ( Made for DELL ) | 440

Sun beam Cathode Tube White Pair | 340

Razer Imperator Gaming mouse 5600Dpi | 3300

shipping will be extra


warranty on the products are complete as per manufacutrer.


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Keep 2 x the Gigabyte 6800 mice for me , ill have that picked up on Monday. Let me know if you want advance or money transferred to you for them. I can also pay now and pickup on Monday to avail the price ?


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dude, what's the price of this lg writer with shipping to delhi..

will decide then which one to buy among s50 and this s30

and send me your acc details..


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your inbox is full.. need 2 pendrives.Please pm me cost and payment details with pay asap Me from thane


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I'm in for 1 DVD writer as well. What will be the shipping for the it to Delhi? When will you ship and when can I expect to receive it?