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Well i have sold my gaming PC and bought a PS3.

Plus i wrk as a game tester so i dont game much in my freetime anyways.

I have given away most of the classics and these are some of the PC games i want to sell off.

All games come with manuals but no boxes since i store them carefully in a case and throw all boxes away.

The DVD conditions are pristine and completely scratchless (I love(d) my collection)

I have snapped off 25% or more (in some cases) off the prices since these are as good as new.

No trolling/lowballing here. These are good games at good prices imo must have for some1 building a collection.

I have cases only of Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2 and Dragon Age.

Note - The Witcher + Bioshock 1 are import copies hence the higher price (come with color game manuals)




All prices inclusive of shipping in Maharashtra

Prince of Persia - Rs.200

Batman AA - Sold

Bioshock - Sold

FarCry2 - Sold

COD : MW1 - Sold

Gears of War - Sold

Dragon Age Origins - Sold

The Witcher - Sold

Crysis - Sold

Crysis Warhead + Wars - Sold

Bioshock 2 - Sold

Mass Effect 1 - Sold

Mass Effect 2 - Sold

ACII - Sold
Re: Mass PC games sale (Price dropped)

Could have bought a few if you had the boxes. :(

Also don't mind buying a few of the classics if you have any left. :)
Re: Mass PC games sale (Price dropped)

^^ Sure buddy I am with you, we can have a small celebration...any weekend ;-)
Re: Mass PC games sale (Price dropped)

Okay, I'll take Dragon Age Origins. The game is shrink-wrapped and box packed right?
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