FS: Desktops MAX VII hero + i5 4690k + 32G DDR3 | Seagate 6T HDD | Mikrotik Hex S router


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Asus Maximus VII hero + i5 4690k + 32G DDR3 ram - 8k shipped (cooler is not included, can share pic without cooler once buyer is interested)

Seagate skyhawk 6TB 7200 RPM HDD - 5k shipped

Mikrotik Hex S router - 4k shipped

All of them works perfectly and have 7 day testing warranty, not sure exactly how old the products are as they were mostly bought used


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Only if there is anyone else interested in at least buying the CPU or CPU+ram combo
Otherwise it would be really difficult to sell them otherwise, anyways still let me know your offer in DM

Also update on mobo, I don't have the I/O shield, forgot to add that
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HDD available for sale again, pickup delay as bluedart didn't pick up (and buyer wasn't comfortable with delhivery which i generally use) offered different courier but buyer preferred refund so did that

Edit - HDD sold to @AjaX222

Also price drop on motherboard combo to 7k (also including a stock Intel cooler now)
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