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YMDK Godspeed Keycap set

Purchased from USA. Used for a month on my DIY Planck.

Price : Rs 2800

YMDK 60% ortholinear keycap set 62 keys

Purchased from USA. Used on my planck for a week or so

Price : Rs 2400

TVS Gold Keyboard with lubed and filmed Gateron Milky Yellow switches

PS/2 interface with thick TVS keycaps, case and keyboard weighs 1.6KGs. Watch the video before you judge the price, this keyboard will easily match or beat keyboards thrice this price when it comes to either sound or typing experience.

Want USB? Get a simple PS2 to USB adapter. Ive been using it with my other PC

More details on the build of the keyboard here : https://techenclave.com/threads/reb...lematic-tvs-gold-keyboard.192856/post-2220051

Sound test of the keyboard :

Price : Rs 4500

Tartan 60% keyboard

Built in December 2020 and one of my most used keyboards till date. It's a case-less, plate-less keyboard with lubed and filmed Gateron Milky Yellow switches. It has QMK and VIA compatibility so its fully programmable. Comes without keycaps, you need to add your own. Stabilisers aren't the best but they work.

Keyboard is running on QMK firmware and is compatible with VIA.

Sound test of the keyboard :

Price : Rs 4500

Gateron CAP milky yellow switches 70 nos

Purchased from Novelkeys USA in Jan 2021. 70 switches, unused.

Price : Rs 2600

All prices are final. Please do not PM asking for reductions etc.

Shipping costs extra through Speedpost.



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regarding the gat CAP milky yellows, regular gat milky yellows are available new on rectangles.store(also meckeys) for INR275/10pcs (1925 for 70 pieces). so you might wanna check your price because the only difference between caps and regulars is the lesser stem wobble and the hole at the bottom which is only a factor if someone wants to lube later on(CAP yellows come pre-lubed though)