Mega Holiday sale : Lots of stuff inside.

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A mega sale here. Lets not waste much time in this and lets get to the point.

1. Patriot eXtreme Performance 4GB ( 2x2GB) DDR2 800 Ram Kit
Purchased form newegg. 2 moths used.
Sells for about $180 on newegg.

Warranty is lifetime. Buyer will be assisted in replacement if needed. A cost of shipping the RAMs to US will have to be bared by the buyer which is approx Rs.500.

This 4GB kit runs at 1.8v which is rare.

Reason for selling: Changing platform.

Condition for this sale : If this item gets sold, I will be ordering a DDR3 Ram from US which will take 2 weeks to arrive. I will need this RAM till that comes.
I will only order if buyer is not ready to back down. So 50% down payment will be needed to make sure the buyer does not back down. I have suffered with backing out buyers a lot in past and I am not taking any chances.

Price Rs. : SOLD

2. Abit IP35 Pro Motherboard.

Its bought on 12th August from newegg only.
Same conditions to that of Ram sale

Rs. 7750 Shipped.---------[Price Dropped]

3 .Antec 900 Cabinet with 3x120MM LED gans and 1x200MM top exhaust.

Its in prime condition. No scratches, no dents nothing.

1 Month use.
Market Price :Rs.8000
Price : Rs.5000 + Shipping---------[SOLD]
4. 120GB Seagate Sata drives 7200RPM

Quantity : 2

These are more than 2 years old. But in perfect working condition. No DOA, NO bad sector money back guarantee.

Price : Rs.1000 each shipped / Rs.950 local pickup
Combo price : Rs.1900 Shipped. / Rs.1800 local pickup
No bills, I cant find the bills.

5. Sony DRU 820 DVD RW.
Less than year old. Dont remember the purchase date exactly.

Rs.700 shipped.---------[SOLD]
DOA money back guarantee. No bill ( lot it somewhere, not gonna trouble my dealer for duplicate bill for such small thing ).
6. iAudio U2 1GB MP3 player.

Its still one of the best sounding mp3 players out there. over a year old but hardly used.
Original earbuds were lost. You can use your own.

Current Market Price is well over 4k.

Price : Rs.2000 Shipped.---------[SOLD]
7. Powersafe 400W Dual rail PSU

4-5 months old.
Mildly used for cruncher.
have bill.
Rs.1200 Shipped.---------[SOLD]

New Combo offer.

Abit IP35 Pro + Patriot 4GB DDR2 800 = Rs.15000.+Rs.250 shipping
As of now Antec 900 on hold for Arya.

@punjab : Yes its 14+13 duall rail.

@ ReNaGAde : Its 8MB version not the ancient 2MB.
Noooooooooooooooo... :(
I told ya it's mine some days back even b4 this sale. :p
Will call you first thing in the morning. :ashamed:
I am next in line after arya! :tongue:
zhopudey said:
I am next in line after arya! :tongue:

And technically Arya should be next in line after me. :p

I claimed that cabby before this thread was even born or maybe even before Funky had even thought of selling it. :eek:hyeah:

Coz that day he made no mention of selling it. :p
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