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Hi back again with lot of thing on Sales . Selling of my friends Rig which doesnt need it now as going to upgrade to core i7 hence putting up all his stuff for sale ..here the list Goes

E8500 Processor : bought from PCGuide in September hence just used for like 8 months hence more than 2 yrs warranrt still remaining on it.

Price : 7.5 K + Shipping Charges SOLD

Zalman 9700 led : Bought from u.s and was just used for like 2 days and then packed in Box and kept . Its like 6 months old but never used at all . working perfectly fine and the new one is selling around for like 3k on newegg.com . AM2 and LG775 Kit all there .

Price : 1.3k + Shipping Charges NOT SOLD

Sunbeam Cooler 120mm Fan

Bought from Primeabgb . Again like 6 months old . have all the accesories but have lost the Box .

Price : 1.8k + Shipping Charges SOLD

Coolermaster 600 Watts psu : Around 20 months old working perfectly fine no problem at all . Bought from ANA Computers.

Price : 2k + Shipping Charges SOLD

OCZ HPC Reaper : 4GB kit bought through kmd like 8 months back . Working Perfectly fine .

Price : 2.6k No Shipping Charges NOT SOLD
ASUS P5Q DELUXE EDITION : P45 Chipset one of the best o.c Board. Again Bought from ANA Computer in September. local warranty there . All accesories all there most of them are sealed pack . new one is arounf 12.5 k i guess 8.5 for 8 months used is a very good buy :) so come on book it :D

Imageshack - img0175drj

Imageshack - img0176kuy

Anyone interested kindly pm or contact me on 9769213738. i wont be keeping it on hold for anyone . Whoever pays first gets the Stuff.
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