CPU/Mobo Mobo suggestions for an i7 2600k (~5k)

I'm picking up a used i7 2600k and need some help to decide on the mobo for it.
I don't plan to overclock this as it would be a little beyond my psu's limits so a z-series board is not a necessity.
I don't plan to xfire.
Basically, what i'm looking for is a decent all-rounder board for the lowest price. I guess you could say 'value for money' is the key goal here.
I am going to budget about 4-6k (7k max) for the mobo but the more i save on it the more ram i can get next paycheck.
I am open to both buying online and/or heading over to sp road.
I also don't mind buying a used board from TE members in Bangalore.
I prefer full-atx over micro or mini boards due to the cramped layout of pins, plugs and slots(not really important).

Lot's of cheap h61 based boards available online but so far only one has managed to catch my eye for the build quality
Im here to basically ask if anyone has a better suggestion than the above or knows where to look.

Current spec-
Pentium e5700
Asus pg41-mltx
4gb corsair value select
seasonic s12 520w
sapphire 280x toxic
2x2tb seagate barracuda
nzxt source 310

P.s. yes, i am aware that sandy bridge is a grandpa now but i'm on a super tight budget as i'm super broke.


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There's gigabyte b75m d3h should fit the bill, has hdmi, USB 3 and Sata 6gbps slots..
New costs 4.9k, one on sale in market section should be around 3k.

You can't over clock I think.


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With my experiences I'd avoid Biostar motherboards.

The specifications on gigabyte board on Flipkart are not clear. It's definitely not the board I mentioned. If it has nearly same specifications as Gigabyte GA b75m d3h = you can go ahead. Just confirm it once. Gigabyte is notorious for making substandard revisions of their models subsequently to keep the price competitive.

Check Techenclave market section too.
thanks for all the advice guys.
you made me avoid a hasty decision and luckily i found a manufacturer refurbished ecs p67h2 black edition for about 4.7k (after coupon) on ebay's global buyer thingy.
it's all hooked up and running well. although i need to redo the front panel connections as the power/reset buttons of the cabinet aren't working atm :p