modded PS2

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The Doctor
modded PS2 for sale bought on feb 2010

package includes:

PS2 console

1 wired controller

8mb memory card

tv connectors




Reason for sale: hardly using anymore..


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Please post two pictures with your name and date on a piece of paper, the text should be legible. Pm me once you have the pics I'll open the thread for you.
^it has a mod chip installed in it and can run all games and dvd movies alike..

im located at kerala.

price includes shipping..

can be put on ebay on request!!

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few games added to the package for FREE!!

If the games included are P1rated then i suggest you remove them from your listing. You are free to send that to the user after discussing over PM but selling of counterfeit games is not allowed here.
^It's absolutely fine. He hasn't mentioned if the games are pirated or otherwise. Might as well be a giveaway!
the games are original and planning to give 2 of it..but will be discussed to buyer through PM route..

now Price Lowered to 3750
bump for the day...

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Final Price at 3250(shipped)
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