OC & Modding Modding a broken display laptop

Hi All,

I had purchased an HP laptop 2-3 years back going pretty good. I accidentally dropped the laptop and display broke had to replace but getting tons of issues with it again. Now display is getting green (blacks transformed to green). Recommendation was to change the screen again which sets me back by 20K. I feel the HP service center is fleecing me and not doing a good job (I have already spent 25K on subsequent repairs).

I'd like to have a suggestions as to how I can re-use this laptop - I do have an old display lying around which I can use. but other than that does anybody have any good ideas ??

Note: the display is still attached to the laptop.

Please feel free to move this thread if it is not in the right place.

Expecting your suggestions!
First I had replaced the screen for around 18K (New display unit) and then I there another issue with the same display unit with in 6 months time, they said some internal wire whatever - which was around another 4K and another new issue came up - spent 3K on it - With the screen's black turning green - they recommend changing the entire display again which I am not game - so asking suggestions for modding.
I would recomend first getting the service manual for your HP laptop and seeing whats causing the issue.<br><br>As for usages without the display, mount it to the back of a LED/LCD monitor with VESA mount (you will need to make a custom cage to hold the laptop) and voila ~ AIO<br><br>Otherwise, as a downloader, too little space for a NAS/Streamer (usually, unless it has USB3.0 :meh: ). You could also use it as a web server ~ anything which needs to be on for a longer time but does not need too much processing speed.
well any spare that you buy frm a manufacturer will have a 1 year warranty (few have 3 months warranty has well), if you have order number or bill from hp center, call them and tell them its within 1 year and it has failed, try your luck, if it doesnt work then try getting it done from outside