Monitors Monitor for my gfx card - budget around 8k


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Here are some i was looking for :

Dell 22 Inch WideScreen HD LED Monitor (ST2220L)
Dell 22 Inch WideScreen HD LED Monitor (ST2220M)
Dell 23 Inch WideScreen LED Monitor (ST2320L)
Benq 21.5-inch led full hd monitor with dvi port G2222hdl
BenQ G2220HD /E2220 HD

Dell has dymanic contract of 8million:1 against 5million:1 of Benq.
all of them has TN panels....!!

Will be watching movies on this monitor....and playing games....but i am a causal gamer...more into fifa and nfs title, cs or may be going for Black ops !!
just let me know guys...which would be the best bet.

My budget is around 8k and config is :
Intel core 2 duo 2.66 Ghz
Transncend 3 GB DDR2 800 MHz
Nvidia GTS 450

wont be running games on 1080p but on lower resolutions, may b 720p or 1440x900 too !!
so just suggest me a VFM or something better in that range guys.... !!


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^^ Don't go by Dynamic Contrast Ratio, go for the average which is generally around ~ 1000:1, general recommendation in this price range are --

Dell ST2220M / L ~ 8500/- to 8800/-, depending on whether you need HDMI out or not.

BenQ E2220HD / G 2220HD ~ 7500/- to 8800/-, the E-series has HDMI-out plus it has a LED back-light, so automatically better contrasts, the G-series is no laggard either.

Hope this helps, Sire. Cheers!!