FS: Headphone Monk Plus and JVC Spiral Dot (L)


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Sasaram, Bihar
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5 out of 5
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Jan 1, 2019
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  1. Yes
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Not needed anymore/ upgraded/ changed preferences
Hey, I am selling the following:
1. Monk Plus w/o Mic: 500 INR
  • Has a legendary reputation for being the greatest bang for the buck.
  • Bought from AliExpress when it was possible.
  • Hardly used as I prefer IEMs and headphones over earbud.
2. JVC Spiral Dot: 1000 INR
  • Used a pair only. Can remove that pair from the set and reduce the price for you. However, I will be sanitizing everything thoroughly before shipping. PM about that. Preference will be given to those who buy the whole set.
  • Bought from Amazon Japan a couple years ago.
  • I couldn't use it for more than a couple weeks because my ears were smaller than the size of the tips.
Offer is firm. Negotiation may not be entertained.


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Feedback shared for one item, will share for the other item later on when the timer runs out.

I too apologise for keeping the feedback pending, was swamped with stuffs. I am really glad that your experience was great.

(Can anyone clarify, can we leave two feedbacks for two different items sold to the same buyer from the same sale thread? @puns )
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