Motorola Atrix hardly 20days used

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dont need any introduction
hardly used for 20days as a secondary phone...

SIM UNLOCKED(with help of TE member which cost me 700 bucks)
Rooted and custom rom

its really great and i have upgraded it to latest gingerbread 2.3.4 with gtalk video chat, etc
(running ALIEN 2 Rom, rooted and works gr8 with gr8 battery backup)

accessories :

1. GADGET SHIELDZ APPlied from day one
(not a single minute scratch on screen or back, not even on the gadget shieldz)

2. All acesories supplied by at&t
Usb charger
Usb cable
HDMI cable

pics: Photo Album - Imgur

Reason for sale: Changing to a TAB(ipad or galaxy tab) for ebooks study and browsing

Price: 20600/- only shipped thru Overnite express and insured(will cost 1000bucks)

New price is 19.5k plus shipping on 50:50basis but only overnite mobile express service.

phone cost me almost 23k(thru mutant of TE and unlocking cost and gadget shieldz)


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Price is very very reasonable, I could have priced it higher only to come down slowly but I have priced it to sell fast...

Its in india and u can trust my words, its absolutely mint

No hassles of waiting to import etc and then (sometimes ) getting screwed ;-)

Its really a great gadget for a great price, hope u guys appreciate before lowballing crazily

When something is brand new u need not add stuff to make it sell or remove manufacturer provided original HDMI cables, charger usb cable to sell it

these can very well be refurbished sets which come without box and later on they add non oem things to make it sell off quickly

If u still think my price is overpriced then pm me, do not troll


New price is 19.5k plus shipping at actuals on 50:50basis


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no offence but i think u have overpriced it bro
KTD can get a unlocked ATRIX delivered to your home anywhere in india for 21K or less
and since u have yourself mentioned that you have used it for 20 days IMHO you need to rethink on the pricing
A brand new ATRIX has been sold recently for about 18K plus shipping so think wisely


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Orissa Cuttack or bhubaneswar or Berhampur
anywhere u wish :)

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On hold till 11am Tomorrow for spacescreamer

Few members are in line for the phone according to pms
Will update the post Tomorrow if the buyer backs out

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Will Ship tomorrow

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One of the best buyer i had come across
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