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Greetings folks! I'll be relocating by the end of this month and must part ways with my workstation. Some of these items ship, others must be picked up from my location in Delhi: 110023. My place is conveniently located next to the Leela Palace Hotel. PM me for more info or any questions, prices may be slightly negotiable. Thanks!

Ryzen 1700 + X370 Titanium + Cooler Master Hyper T209.5K
EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 w EK Waterblock5K (open to shipping)
Gigabyte P750GM 750W Gold PSU3.5K (open to shipping)
Crucial Ballistix DDR4 16GB RAM Kit2.5K SOLD
Cooler Master V850 PSU + Antec 450W PSU1.5K
Acer Predator Z35P 1440p Curved Ultrawide Monitor26K
Dual motor Standing desk frame + free 6 feet ikea tabletop16K
Apple Pencil 1st Gen2.2K Shipped

Ryzen 1700 CPU + MSI X370 Titanium Motherboard + Cooler Master Hyper T20 CPU Cooler Bundle
My personal PC for about 4 years, watercooled in a custom loop. The motherboard natively supports Windows 11 with its FTPM functionality. Please note, the board comes without box, bill, M.2 heatsinks, and other accessories except for the motherboard itself, SATA Cables and the I/O plate. I am also giving away a Cooler Master T20 Air cooler with these two.

Cooler Master V850 PSU+ Antec 450w PSU
Atleast 5 years old. Only comes with essential cables. This seems to have an issue which leads to abrupt shutdowns at times. May be the cables, may be the PSU, may be some other component in my PC - I did not get the chance to troubleshoot. This has a lifetime warranty based on S/N. I am the second owner. Only buy it if you are willing to take the time to troubleshoot, get new cables to see if works out, or RMA it with Cooler Master. As for Antec 450w PSU, I do not have the model number. This is atleast 5 years old. Should work fine. Giving for free with the cooler master PSU.

Apple Pencil
4 Years old. 5/10 physical condition but perfectly working. The tip is worn out though and ideally would need a replacement.

Crucial Ballistix DDR4 16GB RAM Kit
This kit includes 2 sticks of 8GB DDR4-3000MHz RAM with 15-16-16-35 timings. Used for three years. 2.5K Shipped. I have the bill.

Gigabyte P750GM 750W Gold PSU
I've been using this power supply unit for approximately 2.5 years, making it relatively newer than the rest of my PC. While I don't have the original bill, the box and cables are still in my possession.

This card was purchased 4 years ago from eBay with an EK waterblock pre-installed - I do not have the air cooler. Please note that the DVI port has been stripped & sanded down for clearance. Does not have the backplate or bracket either. The card works perfectly, even running Cyberpunk 2077 at 45+fps with high settings on a 1440p ultrawide monitor. Please understand that you're buying as-is and assuming all risks if it breaks in the future. PM me for more info about the card.

Acer Predator Z35P 1440p Curved Ultrawide Monitor
120Hz refresh rate, G-Sync, and a VA panel with a 3000:1 contrast ratio. 3 years old. Regularly used by me for about a year, after which it was sporadically used by my sibling for the following two years. This was originally brought for 75K, I am the second owner, I paid 40K. Please note, this line of monitors have a known defect with the G-Sync module that results in flickering at the very top 1 pixel line against a stark white background. Minor issue that is invisible and disappears while gaming or general use. No warranty remains. Please PM me for more details if interested.

Rife Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame
This is a dual motor standing desk frame. You can find suitable tabletops for this at IKEA starting at 2.5K. I'm currently using a 6-foot IKEA tabletop, which I'm happy to include at no extra cost, should you need it. The desk's remote control has a few scratches due to storage but is fully operational. The desk has seen active use for a year and was initially bought just prior to the COVID in a one-off deal for 20K on amazon, while it currently retails on Amazon for over 30K. The warranty details are unclear, but the original bill will be provided. The frame is collapsible for easy transportation, and it can conveniently fit into a car. The two motors add reliability, this can bear more weight and does not wobble too much.


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RAM sold to @Dark_King. Payment received.
1070 on hold.

Price drop on other items:
X370 + 1700 + CPU Cooler: 9.5K
Gigabyte P750GM 750W: 3.5K (Shipped)
Acer Predator Z35P: 26K
Standing Desk: 16K

Added new items: Apple pencil & PSU
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Anybody having doubt about Gigabyte 750 psu...it is a very good psu even though it was in controversy for sometime, it works phenomenally.
Actually I did check my unit, the S/N was not part of the recall. This is a safe PSU that will not burn down your house.
Is that IKEA Table itself up for sale alone?

That is just a table top, couldn't notice, only to realize the difference.
All items except the monitor sold & shipped! I am sorry if I did not reply to your PM's in a timely manner or missed them altogether.
The thread will stay open until everyone gets their items, and any issues are resolved.

Price drop on the monitor: 25K (No shipping)
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