Multi store game.. can we transfer game from steam, GOG ???


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Hello guys

I have few questions

1. if I bought game on steam, gog, epic etc.. can I transfer it to other client.. like bought on steam and transfer to gog or buy on gog and transfer to steam

2. What is humble bundle, are they same as steam.. how it works.

3. What if any of the store closed down in future.

4. How to buy games from international site and play in india..


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1. Transfer of games from one digital front to another is non-existent. However, you can use GOG Galaxy to bring all the storefronts together so that you can launch your games from a single client.

2. Humble Bundle is a third-party website that sells game keys. Back n the day, they used to sell bundles and raise money for charities and such. I remember buying so many bundles back in the day (circa 2012-2014), especially the EA Bundle which gave you 6 games for just $1 (60 INR at that time): Dead Space, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Crysis 2, Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space 3, and Medal of Honor.

They still do even now (albeit less), but the cost of games have increased since IGN (the gaming website) bought them out. Still, it's a good play to buy games once in a while. Their subscription service can be a hit or miss though. Wouldn't recommend.

3. That's the problem with digital licensing. You'll never know the fate of your games. However, if you have most of your library on Steam, you not need to worry. They have the most infrastructure to take care of the customer.

4. You'll need access to PayPal or a Debit Card with international transactions enabled or a Credit Card. However, some websites may support international payment methods like UPI or PayTM such as Kinguin. Green Man Gaming is another website that supports Indian debit cards (without any international transactions enabled).