Multiple items Closet Clearence ..... Sale ... + Freebieeeees

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(New Additions )Multiple items Closet Clearence ..... Sale ... + Freebieeeees

More Additons 11th Jun 11 @ Bottom

More Additions 6th Jun 11
New Additions at the bottom of this text
Dear Friends ... Time to clear space .... Few now more to be added later Cheers

First the freebiees

You need to pay for shipping if you want them ....

Audio CD

Mix of old english + Hindi ... Sony, BMG,some imported

In all about 60 titles

Video CDs

Mix of old and mid english movies

Total 30 CDs

Paid Sale :)

1. Creative Extigy Dolby Pro logic Hi Fidelity External Audio Card
Sound Card
Remote Control
Driver CD
USB Cable

Image 1 :View image: 30052011316
Image 2 :View image: 30052011318
View image: 30052011317

URL : Google it to your hearts content, its a rock solid card.
USP : Gold plated connectors !!!!
Bill / Warranty : Misplaced was imported for 6 k about 4 years back
Testing Warranty 7 days from me, refund will be provided -
shipping cost.

Shipped DTDC
2. Moserbear DVD Player,
Plays CD, DVD, MPEG 4, has USB, SD MMC port, digital audio out and composite
works flawless

Image 1 : View image: 30052011265
Image 2 : View image: 30052011266
View image: 30052011264

Bill / Warranty : None / Testing warranty 7 days

Price : 1000 Shipped
Reason for sale : Not using it anymore, have a digital media player.

3. Linksys - WRH54G
Its a solid router / I have upgraded the firmware to WRT and its rock solid
LInk : Google WRT

USP : It has been configured to act as a repeater / range extender so just plug
it in the house where the signal is low and your Wifi network is booster in next 30

Image 1 :View image: 30052011267
Image 2 :View image: 30052011269
View image: 30052011268

Bill / Warranty : None / Testing warranty 7 days

Price : SOLD TO XPERTS:clap: Shipped DTDC


4. IDE 3.5 to 2.5 convertor

View image: 30052011271
View image: 30052011270
New in pack
Price : 100 + shipping at actual

5. Adapter aha 2940 SCSI Card
Wide SCSI PCI Adapter card
Works like dream

Reason for sale .. server board dead ....

View image: 30052011273
View image: 30052011272

Testing warranty 7 days
Price 2000 shipped

6. PCI Firewire card / DV port
Testing warranty 7 days

View image: 30052011274
View image: 30052011275

Cost : 200 + shipping

7. PCI 100 mbps lan card
Testing warranty 7 days

View image: 30052011276
View image: 30052011277

Cost 100 rs +shipping

8. Cable sale

High Quality Coaxial

View image: 30052011278
View image: 30052011279
Rs 30

RS 232 Comn Port cables
One Pair 9 Pin and One Pair 24 Pin

View image: 30052011284
View image: 30052011285

Rs 50 each



View image: 30052011301
View image: 30052011302
View image: 30052011304

Rs 150
Power supply converter for GFX card
###### All cables shipping at actuals ... if you find anything here that you could not in local market you are welcome .. else ... the shipping cost may .. not be .. price effective .. ########
9. Sony Handy Cam Dock Station

View image: 30052011299
View image: 30052011300

Fully serviceable
Selling as camera broken
Rs 300 + Shipping
10. Windows media centre
IR Reciever + Remote control
Testing warranty 7 days
Price 700 + Shipping
works beautifully on win 7
View image: 30052011305
View image: 30052011306

***** MORE COMING UP ***********

11. Transcend 2 Gb DDR 2 - 800
Warranty : dont know ... testing warrranty 7 days
Price 1050 shipped
View image: 30052011327
View image: 30052011326
(2nd pic is blurred will update)

12. IDE to usb convertor
Lets you connect your IDE HDD via USB
comes with a power adapter for the HDD
Price 500 shipped
View image: 30052011325
View image: 30052011324

USP : lets you use your IDE HDD as external storage
Warranty : Testing 7 days

13. DLINK GLB 502 T ADSL Router
comes with power adapter, lan cable
google for link
works fine
price 500 shipped
warranty : testing 7 days
View image: 30052011322
View image: 30052011321

14. PCI - DVR card (digital video recorder)
alows you to connect upto 4 cctv camera
records in mpeg 4
remote monitoring through net possible
comes with software installation cd
View image: 30052011309
View image: 30052011308
testing warranty

cost : 500 shipped

15. CCTV camera colored
comes with power adapter
the out put is video and audio which can directly connect to a color tv or hvr card
testing warranty
cost : 450 shipped
View image: 30052011289
View image: 30052011288
Issues with adapter, selling as it is ... testing warranty you need to buy adapter
300 shipped

16. External modem
comes with power adapter
unable to configure it
if anybody wants it , take it for DIY pay only for shipping

View image: 30052011287
View image: 30052011286

comes with one micro cassette, used for taking notes
runs on two AA batteries
built in zoom mike for excellent quality
with leather case
testing warranty
cost : 500 shipped
View image: 30052011283
View image: 30052011282
View image: 30052011280

****** MORE COMING UP *************

New Additions : 6 Jun 11

18. Dead XFX NVIDIA 8600 gt
It works at times, at times it does not show up completely
so consider it Dead
Fix it if you can or use it for spare ..s your wish ...
Sold as it is -> Dead
Pic 1 :- View image: 03062011010
Pic 2 :- View image: 03062011011

Cost : 150 Rs + shipping at actuals...
19. Great condition Palit 7300 GS
256 Mb DDR 2 version
has DVI, VGA and TV out
works flawlessly
PCI card
testing warranty

pic 1 - View image: 03062011012
pic 2 - View image: 03062011014

cost 1000 shipped

PS : Just cleaned and applied Arctic MX ..... for super cool running

20. MORE COMING UP TOMORROW :) little delay in additions as tied up with some thing .. cheers

**************************** New Additions ********************************

21. Galaxy 8800 GT 512 Mb DDR 3
Runs well on XP / getting driver reset with Win 7
Upgrading ..
testing warranty 7 days
2.3 k shipped
Image : View image: 12062011031
View image: 12062011032
22. Hauppauge Win TV HVR 900 USB PVR / TV TUNER WIN 7.0 Compaitable
Up for sale ... in a great working condition Win TV HVR 900 Stick
Drive and Hauppauge, Media centre software with live pause
Fully compaitible with windows media centre
Testing warranty
2.5 k shipped
Image : View image: 12062011030
View image: 12062011029

23. ******* More Coming UP **************
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all salable items have two photos as required ...

cds are freebiees ...

will post pics if required

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yes thanx .. i think the edit .. got the pics mixed up

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And a good morning bump...

Few of the VCDs
Superman - The main man (animated)
Superman - Transfer of power (animated)
Batman & Robin
Home alone
Good Son
Free Willy 2
Hotshots 2
Hotshots 1
Pacific Heights
Speed 2
Mad City
THe fugitive

Few of the Audio CDs

The summer Album
Party Songs
Huge Hits 98
Mariah Montell
Rasta Reagge
Stereo Nation
Asha the greatest Hits
Colonial cousin

pics and complete list coming up

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Media Centre Remote Set on holdTill tomorrow 1000

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And a good morning bump
Switch said:
Interested in the item No 10. Does it work well on the XBMC. Also how much is a new one.

works well with media centre, havent tested it with XBMC


New cost ... I bought a whole pack including a capture card it was 4200/-

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pratikb said:
hey khushal,
i am interested in 13.
will it work on bsnl broadband?
pm me payment details.

works well with bsnl, been using it with BSNL, account details pmed
Your inbox is full.

Interested in 3. Linksys - WRH54G, keep it on hold for me, I just want to confirm, this is a wifi router(standalone) or an adsl splitter as well?

Alpha-Q said:
Your inbox is full.

Interested in 3. Linksys - WRH54G, keep it on hold for me, I just want to confirm, this is a wifi router(standalone) or an adsl splitter as well?


Its a WiFi router standalone ... not an adsl splitter ...
I am interested in Linksys - WRH54G router. I am currently using BSNL broadband. Would like to go for wifi connectivity. Can this be configured back to just a wifi router?
checked and replied back buddy ":)_

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Item no . 1 creative sound card sold to awestriker
packed to be shipped tomorrow
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