Multiple Items for sale (P4, Rams, MB, TV Tuner, BT headset, Graphics card)

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I have one idle lying system which I am not using>

I am putting up stuff for sale here.

As the items are not used for long time I can not assure working of every item, which are fully working I have specifically mentioned in description.


Almost all items are used and sold as is where is basis.
No warranty remaining on any items except mentioned.
Please dont low ball, I have tried to be as genuine as possible in regarding prices, if need info / correction choose PM way.
I will give personal testing warranty of 3 days. (If item dont work I will refund full amount, but show me some hints about non functionality as I dont want to be cheated.

1. Intel P - IV 2 GHZ socket 478 CPU and original heatsink. (non HT)
Asking price : 1000/- shipped.

2. Intel Original D845 Motherboard for socket 478 processor
Asking price 750/- Plus shipping extra as board is big.

Am not sure about working condition of the board. Perhaps not working. One of the ram slot bracket is not closing properly.
have zoomed in to one of the bracket to show it.

3.L & C PSU 450 watts (Probably Powersafe OEM):
Was purchased from TE only (iirc from switch),
PSU does not have SATA ports.
Asking price 850/- plus shipping.

Was using this as mother board did not have LAN Port.
asking price : 250/- shipped

5. Samsung make FDD Drive (1.44 inch)
asking price 200/- shipped
being sold as is basis no warranty whatsoever.

6. Samsung make CD ROM drive :
asking price : 300/- shipped

asking price : 500/- shipped

8. Samsung SP4200 40 GB IDE pata HDD (SOLD TO freshseasons1)
Asking price : 500/- shipped.

7. Transcend DDR1 RAMs 1 GB each (samsung UCCC chips) SOLD TO SOUNDSGREAT AND SHIPPED OUT
items received by soundsgreat.

8. generic 512 MB ddr 1 ram (sold to ca50) item shipped and received by the byer
asking price 500/- shipped

9. 1 GB COMPACT FLASH CARDs (1 sandisk and 1 Viking) On hold for matoind awaiting payment
asking price 400/- shipped for each
my old camera went kaput so selling off these.

10. Pinnacle PCTV Plus inter PCI tvtuner card.
Asking price : 500 shipped
works with windows XP, not with vista / windows 7.
Bundled with remote / IR sensor / Line in cable.
The CD shown in cable is badly damaged, so i always used downloaded software, will help in locating software and If i have one copy somewhere in backup will provide new burned cd.

11. Pinnacle PCTV 50e (usb2) external TV tuner card.
Asking price 1500/- shipped
Does not work with windows 7.
will provide full boxed package.
As i switched to windows 7 and also got a PCMCIA card as gift this has no use anymore.

12. ELSA FOXCONN 980x AGP graphics card (most likely ATI 9800 chipset iirc) sold to soundsgreat and shipped out.
item received by soundsgreat.
13. Jabra BT 2010 (Bluetooth Handsfree) (new) (never used) (only opened for testing working condition)
I got this as gift and i already have BT 135 from Jabra so dont need anymore.

Had to open as i had to confirm to the person giving me as gift about working condition.

asking price : 900/- shipped

Customery Group pic :

If the person is really reputed and I have some faith over him / her I may first send the item and then ask for money if the item is working.

If any doubts please feel free to inquire / clarify.

If I am grossly wrong in pricing do justify calmly. :D


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Am interested in the AGP card and the both the RAM's !! Please give more details of the card (Model Number,RAM,DVI) including the box manual and such !! RAM as well ! will take it immediately !!

Awaiting a suitable reply !!



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Money deposited. Check your a/c and dispatch item. For mailing address i gave you message.. Check your cell phone


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Medpal any reasons for not replying my specific post ???

Please PM me with the requested details for immediate deal !



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Want to have 1 piece 1GB Transcend DDR1 RAM.

Pls. pm me how to make payment. Want to get shipped to Mumbai.



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Can you confirm whether the DVD ROM is in working condition? Also does the 1 GB RAM have any warranty on it?


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@soundsgreat : sorry bro was busy yesterday full day with multiple operations and many patients.

The AGP card is ATI 9800 pro chipset card. 256 MB RAM. yes both DVI and D-SUB connections are there, the card requires separate power connection (molex).

Dont have original box, as its an old purchase. here are the more details.

he ELSA FALCOX 980FX represents the highest standard of Graphics Processing Technology. It's based on most powerful ATI RADEONâ„¢ 9800/9800 PRO graphics technology. Boosted by the revolutionary SMARTSHADERâ„¢, the animated character can now has the cinematic quality lighting and shadow effect. SMOOTHVISIONâ„¢ delivers the sharpest, clearest textures without slowing down frame rate. 128-bit full floating point precision enables billions of color variation as delivering from Hollywood studio. 256-bit memory interface and 8-pixel pipeline doubles the render power of other graphics processors.

Playing with ELSA, you can have fun, joy, and lots of excitement!!
* Powered by ATI RADEONâ„¢ 9800/9800 PRO VPU
* 128 or 256 MB DDR memory
* SMARTSHADER™ 2.1 - 3D Effect Processor renders in real-time with full compatibility for OpenGL® API, Microsoft® DirectX 9.0
* SMOOTHVISIONâ„¢ 2.1 ? Delivers the sharpest, clearest textures without sacrificing frame rates
* TRUFORMâ„¢ 2.0 - Shaping Engine with 2nd generation N-Patch higher order surface support
* VIDEOSHADERâ„¢ - Video Effect Processor integrate features to provide unprecedented support for digital and high definition video
* HydraVisionâ„¢ - Dual-Display Support
* Video-out
* DVI-I Connector

both rams are Transcend Samsung UCCC chips one. DDR 400, 3-3-3

post if need more info.

@CA50 your shipment will move out today, confirmed receipet of payment, sorry for late reply yseterday.

@spawnfreak : sorry bro no ebay listing as of now.

@freshseasons1 ; your pm acknowledged, noted, will update later.

@agupta : will check DVD ROM in my current system and will revert in evening.

Prole73 said:

Want to have 1 piece 1GB Transcend DDR1 RAM.

Pls. pm me how to make payment. Want to get shipped to Mumbai.

there are 2/3 people in waiting before you, if someone backs out then will update you. :D


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@virus32win : i could not make pinnacle cards work with windows 7.

@agupta : sorry for late reply, yes the CDRW / DRD ROM drive is working, right now I played a DVD video through it, Also read data DVD, and erased a cd, while I am typing this the drive is test writing a cd.

There could be some problems with tray though, sometimes it requires 2 attempts to eject and sometimes it pops in again after opening tray. I thought better to inform you, I was not aware of this tray problem as it was lying unused for quite a long period of time.


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bump to the top.

ALL RAMS, Graphics Card, HDD, sold.
CF Cards on hold payments is done awaiting realisation.
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