[music player]Sandisk Fuze+(8gb) with two memory cards(8gb & 2gb)

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PM replied with details.

UPDATE: this black Fuze+ is bought from USA dealer.

This has no warranty in India.

I guarantee that I have tested this player and this is free from any defects (also am member of Sandisk forums-ID rohit3192)

update: Both micro sd cards are with respective bills and warranty is available in India.
I read somewhere that if you have a valid invoice sandisk india provides service so if you have the invoice that's great .

( i read this somewhere , so done flame if if wrong )
For availing warranty company must have product support in country (India this case).

Fuze+ is no officially available in India.

Rashi(AFAIK) was/is supplier of Sandisk players but they are not selling Fuze+ (my information).

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