MX 518 + Rantopad H3 Maya @ 600 Shipped.

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For Sale !
  • Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Google.
  • Expected Price: 600/-
  • Time of Purchase: Mouse in 2009. Pad in 2011.
  • Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No | 0 Months
  • Reason for Sale: Fund Raiser for goliathus pad.

  • Purchase Invoice Available: No
  • Product Condition: Mouse = 5/10 Pad = 8/10 No tear at all.
  • Accessories Included: None.
  • Product Location: Kolkata , West Bengal.
  • Preferred Courier: DTDC.
  • Shipping Charges: Free
  • Payment Options: Cash, Bank transfer.

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2days Testing warranty. Wont be selling the mouse or pad alone. Only combo deal.

I cannot edit my post. Want to add a thing. The mouse's wheel is not in a very good shape. It works but it slips a few times.
It is working fine. The wheel is perfect not lose. Though the problem is it slips a bit. Thats it. Its a 3year old mouse what would you expect. Secondly , its a very good deal for ones looking for a mouse and pad. New pad is available for 400 Bucks + 75 Shipping @ ITWARES. 600 Shipped for both is a gem of a deal!

@Ishrocz_14 No issues brother
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