User Review My 6 month experience with the Featherlite Liberate High Back Desk Arm Chair (Black)

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With a budget of Rs. 15k - 16k, I bought the unit mid August 2022 after visiting Featherlite's kolkata showroom. Prices didn't seem to vary much from reliable online stores. Nevertheless, there are so many chair models that I would recommend sitting on a model to test out a tentative feel of the product. I wanted one with back (lumbar) support.

While the website states "Please note this is a DO IT YOURSELF Product. Product will be shipped in a knocked down form with assembly instructions and all the required tools", a technician assembled it at my home after delivery - I would recommend confirming this from the showroom.


At the shop, the sales team were polite and helpful.

The entire chair is black coloured , except he neck rest which his grey.

Most of the body is hard plastic, other than the seat, back and neck rest. The arm rests have a hard rubbery feel. The metal parts include the central rod (on which there is up and down movement of the seat) and core support beneath the seat. Up down movement and swelling is smooth. Wheels are hard plastic and seem durable - again offering smooth movement.

I'm 5ft 7in and while sitting straight, the neck-rest part rests easily on my upper neck curve. I think it has a cover of faux leather or at least feels like a premium version of it. Very comfortable. The neck rest can turn at an angle of around 30 degrees and move vertically around 5 cms.

I'm rather thin and to me, the seat seems wide enough. The seat foam is very soft and comfortable. The buttocks don't feel any hard firmness as you settle on the chair - there is a soft resistance from the chair and I've found it to be a very pleasant feeling. The lumbar support is slightly flexible and can be pushed back slightly - there is a mechanism allowing the same. The mesh back provides a nice airy feeling.

My area is dusty and seat can be easily cleaned via dry cloth. However, the same cannot be said about the mesh back. There are a few nooks and corners of the chair, especially around the lumbar shift mechanism, which are really hard to reach.

I don't use my system a lot everyday; maybe an hour or so. On weekends, gaming is more - maybe 4-5 hours at a stretch. Chair feels comfortable on medium or short stretches.

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the purchase. I've not had a need yet to ask for any support so unfortunately can't comment on their after sales support. But I do think if a product is made in such a way that no support is needed, that's a plus point scored by the brand.


P.S. If you're looking to get this reimbursed this under some WFH policy, they have some limitations (I think maybe delivery address or name which they can put on invoice has to be the same as per GST details you give to them). Anyway do discuss it out properly with them before you make the payment.
Featherlite makes really good chairs. I personally have been using Helix for close to 2 years now and I am really happy with it. I was bit skeptical while ordering it but things have turned out really well. It is obviously not Herman Miller Aeron but comes close especially given the price of Helix.
Featherlite makes really good chairs. I personally have been using Helix for close to 2 years now and I am really happy with it. I was bit skeptical while ordering it but things have turned out really well. It is obviously not Herman Miller Aeron but comes close especially given the price of Helix.
I looked at Herman Miller prices and realised I should probably earn in dollars lol
I bought this exact chair from Flipkart about 2yrs ago for around14k. If I remember correctly, it came fully assembled or was in two piece - I just had to place the seat on the base and sit on it to slot it in. There was no packaging (foam/bubble wrap) though. Even the box was flimsy and barely taped.
I love the lumbar and under thigh support. Not a lot of chairs had such deep seats when I was looking to buy this. For me, this is as important as lumbar support.
I don't like how the chair rocks a bit when locked in any of three recline positions. Also, the first position isn't quite upright; it'd be around 100° I guess and not 90°. Putting it this way - With how it rocks a bit, It'd be ideal for looking at a 65" TV 2 meters away; not so for looking at a 27" monitor 1 meter away. Armrest can't be turned inwards, but they do recline with the chair.
Overall, pros clearly outweigh the cons for me, and I've been more than happy with it.

My area is dusty and seat can be easily cleaned via dry cloth
I think you'd surprise yourself if you'd slap on it under sunlight. Because I remember doing that to myself. That thing houses the finest of the dust around me.
I've acquired two Featherlite's Liberate chairs, and there is a significant difference in the firmness of the seats, despite the manufacturing dates being merely four days apart. One seat meets my preference for firmness, while the other is excessively soft, to the extent that even a lightweight adult might find it uncomfortable, as it can be compressed entirely with minimal pressure. I am considering investing in a cushion, ideally one made of latex, as memory foam or gel cushions tend to have limited durability.
Is the newer version softer?
Indeed, it is only four days newer according to the manufacturing date. Everything else remains unchanged, with no discernible difference in build quality. The cushion, however, is exceptionally soft, akin to a pillow, which raises the possibility that I may have received a defective unit.
Choose a Featherlite chair, as their aftersales service support is excellent based on my firsthand experience. Additionally, it has a longer warranty duration of 3 years. I would recommend Versa or Amaze within your budget, and both are available in a highback variant if that is your preference.
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For those of you who want a nice branded chair but not the budget, check olx for used ones if you live in a city with a lot of mnc offices, especially it cos.
I found an olx seller and got an optima mesh for 8k.

Personally i think Herman Millers are overrated. I used to use them at my US office, and never felt anything special about them
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The Optima chair is available in two variants: an Indian version and an imported Taiwanese version. The Indian version features a smaller seat with a nylon base, whereas the imported Taiwanese version offers a larger, firmer seat with a chrome-plated base. The cost for the imported version exceeds 23,000 INR, while the Indian version was priced between 15,000 and 16,000 INR. It is important to consider these differences when purchasing a used chair. Optima and Helix are two distinct chairs, so don't get confused.
I purchased an Optima chair back in 2020 with the chrome base. The ergonomics was great but the retaining part of the reclining mechanism stopped functioning possibly due to one of the screws shearing off.

Their after sales support in my case was not that great as I had to contact them multiple times to get a technician to visit. The technician visited and concluded that the base mechanism would need to be replaced. However after that I received no follow up. The chair was still in warranty during the visit.

Having gone to university I did not follow up on the case and now use it without the retaining mechnaism.


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If you are in Bangalore, refurbished decent herman miller chairs are available between 10K to 15K. If you can get from a reliable person or dealer, might worth to coinsider.
I'm kind of glad this thread is diverting into a helpful tangent of other good brands and their support systems.. and thankfully no one is suggesting "gaming chairs"
What keywords to search on olx?
If you keep searching "Herman Miller" a few times in facebook or olx, it will keep showing you the new listings on this keyword everytime you login. I got mine like that. One day I logged in OLX, I saw this ad came in the top. Since the chair was almost in new condition, I closed the deal quickly.
pretty late to this thread but I have the Featherlite Astro (their cheapest model) for the last 2 years and its been perfect so far, as for Liberate, I tried it out in their showroom and didnt find it as comfortable as Astro, I would say if you can increase the budget, then go for their 25k model (Helix something iirc), that chair was way better than liberate and had some crazy adjustment capability but I didnt want to sink that much money since I hadn't used Featherlite before, I'm planning to buy a couple of chairs and will probably go for that itself