1. MoviesMusicMayhem

    User Review HP Travel 25 Liter 15.6 Iron Grey Laptop Backpack - Initial Review

    Hello TE! I am not sure if this type of a review or post is allowed - but I have been looking for a compact backpack which would also double up as a carry all for shortish trip. I have been fascinated with one bag travel and am in awe of people who travel for entire years on a single 40L...
  2. vishalrao

    User Review Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 4 (2023) AMD Ryzen 7840U, 32GB, 1TB laptop review

    TLDR: This is the best laptop I’ve ever used so far in terms of specs and Linux compatibility, especially being the AMD Ryzen platform, so despite being pricey I’m very happy with it. REVIEW: Specs: Ryzen 7 Pro 7840U (Zen 4, 4 nm, codename Phoenix) CPU at 3 Ghz base and 5.1 Ghz boost...
  3. enc0dex264 RMA review -> 0/10 Rating.

    My Fiio K5 Pro ESS died and has been with them for the approx last 2 months for RMA. Why does any product needs 2 month for a replacement or a repair is beyond me. Every week i send them an email and ask for a update and they make stupid excuses.. that we are waiting for brands response.. we...
  4. mysticrainman

    User Review My 6 month experience with the Featherlite Liberate High Back Desk Arm Chair (Black)

    Company Product link With a budget of Rs. 15k - 16k, I bought the unit mid August 2022 after visiting Featherlite's kolkata showroom. Prices didn't seem to vary much from reliable online stores. Nevertheless, there are so many chair models that I would recommend sitting on a model to test out a...
  5. S

    Has anyone bought anything from

    Was looking around different stores and this one seemed to have lower prices than most other indian stores. I haven't heard about this website before and couldn't find any reviews for it anywhere either. Is this website legit/trustworthy? Has anyone here bought anything from them before?
  6. P

    Podcasts review and discussions

    We have movies and series discussion sticky threads but was not able to find same for podcasts. Can we do the same for podcast with this post where members review the podcast or provide suggestions to others and discuss about it? Note: I'm new to podcasts and actively searching for good...
  7. T

    User Review The Midrange and detail king - Diamond Mishra, Indiqaudio - Review

    I used to be an earphone audiophile decades ago.! Who remembers the TF10vi earphones? I got it from here.. Now a HT user which is a good movie system, but you have to agree HT cannot replace a stereo (Whatever, stereo, direct, pure modes you throw at it). So, started the hunt for a pure stereo...
  8. vink

    User Review Asus Vivobook X513EA

    Config. = i5 11th gen, 250gb SSD, 1tb hdd(930gb usable),15" full hd screen 8GB soldered RAM 1 other slot empty. (Cobalt Blue Color, White cost more 3k) Price = 60k. Purpose = Web development, Photoshop etc.. why = only sensible config found in this price range. and supports upgradation like...
  9. vink

    You Broadband

    anyone here have exeriance with You-broadband? ofc like any other service they are claiming undisturbed connectivity, and max speeds. they want to lock me in 3 month plans prepaid. i want to know about their site blockage and relibility? any suggestions? this is for 10mbps plans.. ty.
  10. Futureized

    How to Manage your google and facebook accounts ? (AVOID DATA SELLING)

    How do you hide your personal and working network from these monsters ? Kindly request to share answers.. I personally have 2 cells, One used for social networking among everyone. (whatsapp, facebook, google accounts (around 2 accounts), few other social networking sites. Other for family...
  11. soulweaver

    User Review Cheap Mechanical LED Keyboard - Hcman - 87 Keys

    +++ For some reason, I was not able to embed images here, so put them in the second post! I also managed to successfully embed the GIFs of the lighting modes too!+++ This will not be a detailed review going into a lot of nerdy / geeky (pick the more offensive word ;)) stuff like force needed...
  12. GadVeen

    User Review RAVPower 16750mAh Power Bank Review

    My opinion on RAVPower 16750mAh power bank. Build and Hardware: Hardware - Solidly built. The edges are smooth. Anti scratch does work well Weight - It weighs 309g which is comfortable to carry around. Convenience - It comes with travel pouch which helps to carry in bags. It also avoids any...
  13. singenaadam

    User Review Samsung On8 ::: Quick Review

    This is a quick review of the recently launched Samsung Galaxy On8. I got it for ~Rs. 13,000 during the 2016 Flipkart BBD Sale. This was after applying all possible offers! The need was: [1] phone within 15,000 [2] good screen with decent sunlight legibility [3] battery that would see off a...
  14. T

    Graphic Cards Review: Zotac GTX 1060 Mini (6 GB)

    This purchase was never on my radar until the day I made the purchase. My existing GPU - GTX 660 was serving me well enough for the few hours I spent every weekend on gaming. It is true that I was using Medium to High details on recent games and perhaps not hitting 60 FPS, but it was not that...
  15. Stanley Rudee

    Has anyone used Voltu to get money from review mobile game?

    I came across a guy from YouTube reviewing Game of War android via this Voltu network? He said that if i click the link and install the game he will get money. I am starting my YouTube channel now and want to earn something. Anyone used it before? Is it good and worth the time? I think this is...
  16. iPwnz

    User Review Moto E 2nd Gen. 3G impression and Ringke Slim cover review (no images)

    So I got the Moto E2 3G phone a few days ago and a Ringke Slim cover for the phone. This is too old for a proper review so I'm not going to go too deep into the specifications and features. The following is my impression of the phone. First off the body, size and display: The 4.5" display and...
  17. R

    Audio HD 650 v/s HD 700 Comparison

    Sennheiser HD 700 - Sennheiser's Queen In 2016 Sennheiser was kind enough to lend me their HD 700 for a home demo. And as you know, I already own the HD 650 (silver drivers) to compare them to. And thankfully, Sennheiser has also agreed to lend me their HD 800 in a few days, for a more thorough...
  18. M

    TP-LINK W8961N vs Tenda D303

    I need to buy a modem cum router for my house to be used with BSNL Broadband. Please suggest one. I have shortlisted these 2. TP-LINK TD-W8961N and Tenda TE-D303 Please...