My first foray into Water cooling


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Good to see a Beautiful Overkill PC build.
Looks Amazing.
All the Specs are top notch.
Except the RAM.
Please don't mind, But I think 4400Mhz or 4600Mhz would have been better for your high end CPU and GPU.

Also, I am a little curious about the 4 WD Purple HDDs.
I haven't seen anyone use WD purples in their PC build. And there are valid reasons for not using those purple drives to save your precious data.
Read this.

THank you mate , let me answer point by point

1) Right now I have 4000mhz (running at 3600mhz) Tforce xtreem ARGB Ram 8 x 4gb kit , anything higher than 3600mhz is a hit of a miss with Ryzen CPUs , Intels are a different story, and i decided to use 4 sticks for aesthetic reasons, as this build is a mix of performance and aesthetics

2) 4 x 4 WD purple drives are used in my case for data archival purposes the hot data would always exist on 2 x 1tb Gen4 NVMe drives , even if it fails doesnt matter, i will be upgrading these drives to 16tb x 2 soon anyways.

There are a lot of other changes happening soon
Great Stuff. Awesome build.
Thank you mate


Hi Guys

i had always wanted to build a water cooled PC and was too afraid to set one up , however fast forward bit the bullet tool help from a friend and was able to finish this build

View attachment 100169

View attachment 100170

View attachment 100171

The specs are as follows :
AMD Ryzen 5900x
Colorful 3090 Advanced OC
32gb Trident neo Z C16 3600 Mhz kit
ASUS ROG Dark Hero
LG 27GN950 4k 160hz Display
WD SN850 1tb NVME
Samsung 980 pro 1tb NVME
4 x 4 tb WD purple drives
Lian Li Dynamic O11 XL
Lian Li Strimer plus
Lian Li Uni 120 White kits x 3
EK Mystic fog cryo fuel concentrate
Barrow CPU and GPU Block
Barrow Distro plate
Barrow Flow and Temperature meter
Barrow PETG tubes
Barrow Wolverine fittings and D5 pump
GMMK White ice keyboard with custom cable from Kable makers ( Cable is inbound)
Glorious model D white matte
Glorious extended Mouse pad
nice build bro and congratulations :)
how are the fans airflow and sound quality???
mouse pad purchased from


Looks really good. although for me, custom watercooling seems a bit low on the cost to benefit ratio even though it looks good.


Very Awesome,How much the speed of the cpu increased after this water cooling setup?I guess its an unlocked proccessor and it's the best way for overclocking for 24x7 purpose.