Budget 41-50k Need help regarding my first build using Gtx 1660 + i3 10100f


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Hello Everyone
As the title mentions it, I have a few doubt for my first time build.
1. I am pairing GTX 1660 with an i3, 10100f. Will it bottleneck?
2. Will a low end motherboard such as H410M cause any issue with the card.
3. Is 450w power supply enough for the build or should I aim higher?
These are some of doubts. If you guys have any suggestions please do share. Hope you could help me.
Thanks in advance.


1660 with i3 will work fine. Try checking amd options you might find better deal as there motherboard are cheaper.
Cheaper motherboard will only effect your overclocking ability, and selection of ports. Check the board that you have all the required ports you need.
But your power supply will fail you. You need at least 550W of power supply of a reputed brand.
You should always aim for slightly higher Watt power supply than your overall tdp as there might be power spike in heavy loads which will effect your performance.


I3 10100f won't bottleneck even 1660 super , get branded Gold rated(must) 450 watt supply , u will be fine