need modem+router


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My friend is looking for a modem+wi fi router for her home. Its a 1 bhk but the older houses so its big for a 1 bhk. It should be around 600-700 sq ft.

1. Her budget is not high. The lower the better. Around Rs. 2000
2. She also uses an airtel 4g data card and wants something with a slot for that just incase local internet is down.
3. Doesn't really need a usb port but if there's something in the budget then better.
4. Rarely will there be 4 or more devices connected at any given time. On an average there will be 2 devices using the wi fi at a time.

Please suggest which one to buy


Godly Modly...
I bought this one for my similar size house.
Has a USB port and also multiple guests networks. Signal is strong and good and easy to configure.
Its single band and I am not sure if many modems support 4G dongles. 3 yrs warranty.
This is a ref link. If you decide to use it I may receive a small kickback. This will not charge you extra for the product.
Dlink DSL-2750U
There is a DSL-2730 model also but its only 150mbps. I would suggest this one.