Budget 31-40k Need suggestion - high battery life vs fast processor


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Budget: Less than 40k
Primary Usage: Web surfing, Programming (Python, javascript, a bit of Matlab once in a while), Movies/TV Serials, Light gaming maybe(have not played games in a long long time as present laptop only has Intel 3000 gfx processor)
Size and Weight considerations: 14 inch preferred. Weight as low as possible.
Brand preference: Nothing as such. Good after sales support is enough.
Other preference: Battery life should be good. For now will be used at home. But this laptop is going to be used by me for the next 3-4 years. May go for higher studies due to which higher battery life will come in handy.

Have finalized two choices -
Pro's: Core i5 4210U (ULV processor = great battery life)
nVidia GT820M gfx
4-5 hrs battery backup
Con's: No HDMI port, only VGA port. (Do not have any monitor or LCD presently which has HDMI connector.)

Pro's: Core i5 3230M (normal i5 processor = blazing fast)
Con's: 15.6 inch screen
gfx card version not mentioned. Most likely is GT610M (according to this page - http://www.rptechindia.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProdId=8563&cid=14&subcid=157)

I chose these two as there is a very good offer on these 2 on flipkart. (Rs.2500 off + 10% cashback)

I am tempted to go for the Dell since it is light and has very good battery backup. Also has a better graphics processor. But the gfx processor may be bottle necked by the slower processor.
Since I do not do any high end post processing/computation, the full version i5 is not a game changer.
I love the Lenovo keyboard though. They have full sized arrow keys.

Is Dell making good quality laptops even now? Or is it suffering from a quality issue? In the flipkart reviews, some have mentioned about a wobbly hinge. That is making me think twice about this.


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Go for Dell Vostro 14 V3446
+1`s over Lenovo`s B590/59-409293 Notebook
  • Nvidia 820M 2GB Graphic card
  • Dell branded backpack
  • 14" your preffered screen size
  • Intel 4th Gen Haswell 4210U good battery backup
  • Dell after sales service