New Thief screenshots and concept art shows off the game's first level - Lockdown


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If you're a stealth game fan, then you surely know that a new game in the famous Thief series is coming up. And now we have the first few concept arts and screenshots. The images are from the game's first level 'Lockdown' and it shows kind of a dark theme. It has to be said that the game is looking very similar to Dishonored, but that's certainly not a bad thing!

According to the game's level description "Baron Northcrest has enforced a ruthless lockdown on the population of the City to control the uprising and quell the spread of a mysterious sickness that spreads through the streets, gripping people’s minds with crippling nightmares and terrible voices in their heads. Nobody feels safe from the sickness that the people on the streets call ‘The Gloom’.

Garrett must reach his hideout on the other side of the lockdown, however, during the process of getting there, he overhears that some valuable items have been placed in a nearby jewelry store. Therefore, he chooses to infiltrate the store on the way to his hideout."

The game will be a multi-platform release and will release simultaneously on the PC, PS3, PS4, 360 and the Xbox One.

Check out the screenshots below.

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