FS: Tablet Nexus 7 (2013) 16GB WiFi @9K


Rs. 9500/- (Negotiable) New Price @ Rs. 9000/-
On Sale Google/ASUS Nexus 7 (2013 or 2nd Generation) Wifi only 16 GB Black with Flip Cover
Screen protector attached form Day 1.
Updated to Android Lollipop.
Using for Movies and Reading.
No Issues or Marks at All.
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The cover is Purchased from eBay, Magnetic flip cover, can turn off the display upon closing!
The Screen Guard and The Cover cost me 1.1K alone.

And Yes it's included in the deal,
I have the Original Box also + Charger, though lost the original cable but I will provide a decent one.
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I got the device from Kitkat Contest held on 2013, they first shipped Nexus 7 2012 on October, 13. then on Jan, 14 I received a mail from kitkat that they are gonna replace with 2013 version, and I received on Feb, 14 (I can't remember the exact date or month). So the warranty can be available from ASUS.

I have rooted the device myself for OTG compatibility, and if necessary I can Unroot for you, but the OTG will not work.

Believe me, this is my first WTS thread, so I lack the info regarding various T&C for a Seller.So, I can give you a seller warranty for 10 days, If you find any problem with te device you can ship it back, I will refund you.

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