(NO GPUs) 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

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Looking to start a Market thread, but need help on how to price what you're selling ?

Post in this thread and let your fellow members give you suggestions!

To help you, please mention :

- Date of purchase:

- Source of purchase (local or overseas):

- Warranty remaining:

- Condition:

Note: Do NOT use this thread to sell your stuff (even if you cannot access the Market).


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How much will my 22 incher sell for?

I've got a year old LG W2252WTQ. Still got around a month warranty on it. Also got the original bill and original packaging. How much can I expect for it?

Here are the specs of the monitor-

W2252TQ Monitors Computer Products


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Re: Hwo much will my 22 incher sell for?


A new 22" Full HD LCD starts from 8.5K. so 7K is the max that you could get.


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Nokia 6220 Classic

I have Nokia 6220 classic mobile phone which is three months old. I want to sell it. Have all accessories, bill and box. I want to know a good selling price for this product. Also want to know the TE members interested in buying this product. I have purchased this product for 16k.

Tranceiver is 3months old and battery is 10days old coz bought a new battery and gave old battery to my cousin.

Specs Nokia 6220 classic - Full phone specifications


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can anyone tell me for how much can i sell a hd4670(sapphire 512 gddr3)..6 month old..excellent condition..box, bill, everything intact...


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i've got a nokia n70 in mint condition it's about 1.5 years old.

so,how much will i get for that??


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How much can I expect for a new 8GB Kingston pen drive. I got this as a gift. Data traveler 120


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I've got an old AMD Athlon 1.8 Ghz Processor without heatsink.

How much will I get for it or it wont be sold? ;)


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How much would a 16GB White IPhone 3G virtually UNUSED sell for? its purchased in Sep 2008.


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4 year old parts:-

P4 3GHz LGA 775 2MB L2 with HyperThreading

Intel Original 915GAG Motherboard

Samsung SAMTRON 55V 15" (8 years old never one problem)

Generic Cabby and PSU(400W)

DVD Writer(cannot read CDs)

1GB DDR 400MHz RAM(only 1 year old)

XFX 6200TC 256MB (Turbocache)

Logitech Optical

How much can I get for all these?


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I would suggest to quote the original message or mention the name of OP when suggesting a price for asked item.
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