Nokia 1110i + ACP-12E Charger

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The Nokia 1110i + the Original Nokia ACP-12E Charger are up for sale.

The Phone is Unopened/Undamaged internally. Keypad has lost colour. Original Panels still on. Phone fully & perfectly functional. Original Nokia BL-5C Battery.

Charger is unused/brand new. It didn't come with this phone. It came with my old 6600 but I had kept it aside as I had other chargers lying around.


Reason For Sale: Don't need it anymore.

Price: Rs.500/- for the Phone + Charger.

Box, Bill unavailable.

Location: Mumbai

Shipping: PM me with your Location for Shipping.

Warranty: Will provide Testing Warranty if required.

Lowball all you want.....!!! How low can you go......??? Lolzzz
Spacescreamer said:
Now that u asked..

You Pay me 500 for picking up that phone.

(enjoy a free bump)
Lolzzz :rofl:

You sure floored me with that one.....!!!


P.S.: Guys, please don't ask me for individual sale..... The phone & charger go as a pair.....
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