Nokia 5800 XM

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Nokia 5800 XM - Rs 6500

This is a great condition Nokia 5800 XM purchased in November 2009.

The package includes




-Tie Thingy

-USB Cable

-Nokia Earphones with Controller

-Nokia Charger

-5800 XM

-2GB MicroSD Card

Mumbai Buyers preferred. Shipping NOT included, charged @ actuals. Negotiate via PM.
dont want to crap or interrupt bt 7k is too much now for 5800xm

reduce the price and see customers flowing in.
Well, unfortunately phone belongs to friend who wants 7K for it....not much i can do except bumping, Thanks anyways for the free bump.
Up you go...Anyone even remotely interested? Even the Microsoft Kin generated more interest than this phone it seems.
dude no phone can play crysis ..... unless its specifically made for that platform... and even if it had been made it wont be as good as the pc game...
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