FS: Mobile Nokia 6.2 (4/64 GB) | Android One | 3.5 mm jack | FM

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Oct 1, 2020
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No longer in use
Mobile was in use regularly for the past 2-2.5 years as it was purchased in late 2020. Don't have the original packaging, but will include the original charger and earphones. The USB-C cable was repurposed at some point, so don't have it any more.

Tried to capture the condition in the best possible manner by literally putting it under the spotlight. The screen has micro scratches that are mostly visible when off, whereas the glass back and the camera cover has scratches from being put on different surfaces without a cover.

Checked all the hardware (screen, cameras, fingerprint sensor, microphones) and everything works fine. Battery backup is difficult to state now without regular usage but have included the battery stats graph indicating the battery declining from 80 to 52% in 3 days, which is fairly good.

It is part of the Android One program so while it doesn't receive version updates any more, it still receives a security update once every quarter.


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Including video of the phone and recording from a phone testing app that I shared with those who PM'ed me.

Waiting to close the deal, but also open to interest at stated price if I don't hear back from the interested party any time soon.
Since all negotiations are stuck at actual payment, bumping it again. Price is 4.9k shipped now.

Found the original Type-C cable, so will include that and also including a copy of the invoice to confirm provenance if nothing else.


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Received the device in commendable packaging, thanks! Will share feedback in a couple days after testing.

EDIT: feedback exchanged!
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