Nokia Battery, Webcam.

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BIOSTAR MOBO - 945GC-M7 TE is 5 months old. The features of this mobo are 1333 mhz FSB, PCI-e x16, onboard display and HD Audio.

Reason for sale - Bought Asus P5N-E SLI. SOLD

Original Nokia Battery (BL - 5F) is less than a month old. This is original Nokia accessory compatable with Nokia: 6210 Navigator, 6290, E65, N93i, N95, N96.

Reason for Sale - Lying idle.

FireFly Webcam has no bill so can't remember when it was purchased but its in working condition.

Reason for Sale - Lying idle.

Cooler Master 600w (RP-600-PCAR) is from the extreme series. I have bill but no warranty coz the default fan has been modded with a silent one. It is in mint condition and used very less. SOLD.

Reason for Sale - Need more power.

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All requests and offers thru PM only.
The one who pays first will get it.

Raheel Shadab.


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2 months old cm 600w is getting sold for 1800/- in another thread on TE with warranty remaining, y urs so high with no warranty ????


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^Please dont spam someone's thread like this.

FYI Cooler Master originally has got a very very noisy fan. The OP has purchased and installed a new silent fan in the PSU to get rid of the noise. Hence the pricing is Justified.

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PRICE is quite high bcoz new one will get it that price if ur ready with 1200 Rs then i m interested


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what is the resolution of the webcam...can it be attached to a laptop (with that clip)..can u post a pic taken by it?
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