Nokia charger, handsfree, 5233 panels, data cable.

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Bump !!!

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Back panels on hold for pranut
Vasishta.Sushant next in queue.

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Panels sold to pranut. Charger, data cable, handsfree still left for sale !
Im afraid I cant cant go that low an already such a reasonable deal..
Bump, everything apart from the back panels available !
Final price for the charger 350 shipped ! Please dont lowball. Everything in this thread is good as brand new and 100% genuine.
Quick question,

Your first post says: Original Nokia 5233, thin pin charger- 15 days old ! Practically unused.- 200

A subsequent post says: Minimum 350/-

Could you clarify?
Post edited, its for 200 now.

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Charger , data cable and back panels, sold.
Handsfree left. unsued, 200 shipped !
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